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A few things to keep in mind before booking a yoga retreat

  • Yoga can help with many ailments, but if you have any particular concerns or health issues, or are suffering from any illness or injury, we advise you to consult a qualified medical practitioner beforehand.

  • Ideally you should refrain from eating at least two hours before class and not to drink at least 30 minutes before class. However, it is important to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water after your session.

  • You should wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing, preferably made of natural fibres.

  • If you have a long flight, consider arriving a day or two before the retreat so that you can get over your jet lag and travel fatigue and get the most out of the retreat.

  • Penang is an interesting destination in itself - if you have time, you might want to pencil in a few extra days before or after your retreat to discover the island better.

  • For your own peace of mind, and out of respect for other participants, we request that your telephone be kept switched off during classes.

  • Please refrain from using any perfumes or strong smelling deodorants.

  • The retreat venue is strictly a non-smoking zone.

  • Leave your preconceptions about yoga at home and bring a sense of humour and an open-minded willingness to learn.

P.S.   We keep our retreats deliberately small to ensure that you receive individual attention.