What people who have attended our retreats have to say about Yoga Now


"I was lucky enough to attend the French Alps yoga retreat organised by YogaNow Malaysia in June 2012.

The venue, weather, atmosphere and general happy/relaxed spirit of the retreat made it a truly memorable 8 days.

As always the level of quality and commitment to the attendees from both Marc and Meng Fong was what made the retreat. The daily routine was well balanced with the right amount of asanas and meditation mixed in with enough free time for each attendee to feel at home.

In addition the quality and variety of the vegetarian food was a real highlight and brought a big smile to everyone’s face each day. The retreat hosts are worth mentioning here as they were responsible for the food and drink throughout the retreat.

I am sure I speak for all those that made the very easy decision to attend the retreat when I say that we all had a genuinely rewarding time.

Very many thanks to Marc and Meng Fong and I look forward to the next Alps retreat!

David – London – French Alps Yoga Retreat


"It has been a wonderful journey with you both. Your work with us totally engaged the mind, the body and soul at multiple levels. The yogasana postures made me aware of the possibilities of my body as never before. The pranayamas and meditations relaxed and took me to a new level of spiritual experience.

The food we ate with you, prepared with so much love, was truly delicious. In short, an enriching and fulfilling experience, nourishing and celebrating the whole human being. May the universe shower you with abundance in everything."

Sucharita – Bangalore – 5 days Intensive Retreat


"Vielen Dank für die tollen, entspannten Tage in eurem Yoga-Retreat! Ihr habt eine kleine Oase geschaffen auf Langkawi mit einer super familiären Atmosphäre und dem kleinen, exklusiven Teilnehmerkreis. Wir haben uns sehr wohl gefühlt, sehr viel gelernt über Yoga und uns selbst und die Ruhe gefunden, die wir suchten.

Vielen Dank auch für die Ausflüge mit den einheimischen Guides, das war die optimale Kombination zu Yoga & Meditation. Wir wären am liebsten noch viel länger geblieben und können es nur jedem ans Herz legen, ein paar Tage Yoga bei euch zu buchen."

Julia & Susanne - Germany & Singapore - 4 days Yoga and Nature Discovery Retreat


"I was a beginner, who could not even do the Chakrasana pose. I learnt a lot from Meng Foong's careful instruction. I understood that most of my limitations are due to fear. Hence the yoga retreat became a very special self-discovery trip for me. I went away with the confidence to perform Chakrasana, and with understanding of how I can work towards Kakasana and headstand. No aversion, no fear, no judgement - that's what I learnt from the retreat. With that in mind, I surprised myself by completing the intensive retreat. Of course, everything was catered to my ability, and I was challenged to an appropriate degree without hurting myself. Marc's explanations of meditation also taught me how it is important to observe sensations in the body e.g. pins and needles, and learning how to stay still and calm.

If you are doing an intensive retreat and still want to see much of Langkawi, extend your vacation by a day or two, as you won't have time for sight-seeing during the retreat itself.

Would recommend anyone with any amount of yoga experience to try this out, as this is not a place where the instructors drive you like a slavemaster, and tell you to do "twenty more, ten more, eight more, faster, higher, harder...". You will be given sufficient rest in between poses, and are advised to pause whenever you are exhausted. No mirrors to check yourself and others out, as you are encouraged to let go of judgement, and not compare with others or even to yourself."

Clara - Singapore - 4 days intensive yoga retreat.


"Thanks again for the wonderful yoga retreat. It was the best birthday present I've received (thanks Thomas!). Every time I do yoga here, I close my eyes and I can still hear your voices and imagine I am doing the practice in your studio with the sound of the birds and the leaves :)"

Pauline - Philippines - 4 days relaxed yoga retreat.


"I was in desperate need of a break from the stress stricken workaholic lifestyle hence decided to plan out a holiday where I can truely relax. A friend came up with an idea to join a yoga retreat. As I've never done yoga before so my friends had as much doubts as I did as to whether I could really enjoy and participate. We chose the 4 day relaxed program - which turned out to be pretty packful schedule and although I wasn't the best student, I learnt a good lesson that yoga is not about how good I am. It's more about training the mind, letting go of the past and focusing on the present time - carpe diem! It was really fun and a great intro to yoga. I'm definitely feeling the cravings to practice more yoga now!

One tip: If you have any reservations on Meditation and Chanting for any religious beliefs or any other reasons, try to be open minded and have a go. It definitely made all of us feeling happy and uplifted. Highly recommended!

Thanks to Marc and Meng Foong for a great time and great food! I loved it and miss it already!"

Bomin - Australia - 4 days relaxed yoga retreat.

Mat and Jen

"Une retraite de yoga figurait très haut sur la liste des choses à faire (pour Jen). Coup de chance, l’île offre ce genre de truc. Quelques heures avant notre départ pour Langkawi, nous voilà inscrits à un programme de trois jours et deux nuits avec YogaNow. Le couple-proprio, Marc (un Irlandais qui parle le français) et Meng Foong sont hyper sympathiques et prennent tout en main. Ils nous accueillent même à l’aéroport. Y a-t-il un meilleur sentiment que de se faire attendre à l’aéroport?


La scène est féérique : une maison de bois typiquement malaisienne convertie en studio de yoga. Décor simple, mais une atmosphère riche. Cacophonie authentique grâce à la faune et la flore qui nous entourent, sans oublier l’appel à la prière des musulmans qui semble venir de très loin. Le premier soir de la retraite, Marc surprend nos papilles avec sa cuisine végétarienne goûteuse. Les conversations sont un peu profondes, mais très intéressantes, au point où nous poursuivons le débat à deux en soirée. Nos hôtes sont plus que généreux avec leur temps et leur énergie.

Nous avons adoré notre jour deux : 14 heures qui se sont envolées rapidement. Yoga, méditation, visite d’une forêt tropicale, baignade dans la splendide chute et même une pause santé dans une pâtisserie française ! Deuxième cours de yoga de la journée, souper dans un restaurant authentique servant a cuisine du Sud de l’Inde où on mange avec les mains, et on clôt avec une session nocturne de méditation à la chandelle. Bref, nous avons dormi comme des bébés. >

Merci à Marc et Meng Foong, couple entrepreneur, sage et généreux, qui ont su partager leur philosophie tout en nous renseignant sur l’histoire de la Malaisie. Nous repartons pour le Laos très satisfaits, et surtout, éveillés et reposés.

Mat and Jen - Canada - Relaxed yoga retreat.

Melissa and Karen

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. You make yoga accessible and meaningful. There are lots of principles to take with us in our everyday lives.

We particularly enjoyed the FOOD! You may have noticed that about us. we would come back just for the good eats! But also the good company and excellent teachings.

Thank you for your generosity

Karen and Melissa - NYC USA - 4 days nature discovery yoga retreat.


"Dank voor alles. Voor de mooie en heldere uitleg, de verdieping, en jullie warmte. Ik heb al vele yoga gedaan maar nog nooit ben ik op een plek geweest waar ik zoveel persoonlijke aandacht kreeg en me zo thuis heb gevoeld. Als ik de kans had gehad was ik nog een week langer gebleven. Dank voor jullie oprechtheid en warme onthaal.

You touched my heart and I will always remember. Hopelijk tot in Europa, India of Maleisie."

Marieke - Amsterdam - The Netherlands - 4 days intensive yoga retreat.

Loo Jia Wen

"This was a case of landing at the right place at the right time. I learnt so much with you, through your words, instruction and example. I found a new lightness and feel so grateful for it.

Now to find it moment by moment!"

Jia Wen - Kuala Lumpur - 7 days intensive yoga retreat.


"Thank you for the shoulderstands, the headstands, the good laughs and wonderful food. This has been the most amazing 3 days, I wish I was staying for 10."

Rowan - Australia - 3 full days relaxed yoga retreat & many drop in classes.


"Thank you for an absolutely lovely three days here with you in Langkawi. Your generosity – of time, of knowledge, of spirit – was delightful. Looking forward to another retreat at sometime in the future. And in the meantime I’ll master the ‘Scorpion”!!"

Lauren - Australia - 3 full days relaxed yoga retreat & many drop in classes.

Sandly Ngiang/ Yan Xianli

"This is really my best yoga experience thus far. Yoga Now and Langkawi are beautiful. I have truly gained a lot from this retreat.

I have overcome some of my fears to try yoga postures which I could not do in Singapore. I have also had the best meditation and savasana experience at Yoga Now. Words alone cannot describe this wonderful experience. Thanks a lot for your patience, guidance, encouragement, support and taking so good care of me during this retreat."

Sandly - Singapore - 5 day intensive yoga retreat.

liam and sarah

"Thank you for having us at Yoga Now. We really got a lot out of doing the relaxed retreat. It was enlightening and has started us on a journey of learning more about ourselves, our body, our mind, our true self.

We are looking forward to reflecting on the last 4 days. Thanks for the wonderful food and tea!!! Oh, and introducing us to new fruits. Lots of love to you from both of us."

Liam and Sarah - Melbourne - 4 day relaxed yoga retreat.


"Thank you so much – it has been great to learn more about myself. I look forward to seeing you both again in the future."

Rhian - Malaysia - intensive workshop.


"Extra, extra, read all about it – an introduction to Yoga Now featured in Malaysia Airlines in-flight magazine: Going Places August 2010.

Thanks to yoga for such gorgeous growth. Sometimes it shows up out of nowhere and brought me here. Yoga Now is like a yoga summer camp!

Gratitude to Marc and Meng Foong – fun and loving, down-to-earth teachers. Thank you for practices and your Malaysian hospitality."

Grace - Malaysia - 4 day intensive yoga retreat.


"Thanks for your advice and instruction. It was given with expertise and care so I felt it was easy to come here. It will make a huge difference to 2010 for me and who knows how much longer after. Thank you for your hospitality and kindness. "

Philip - UK - 4 day relaxed yoga retreat.


"You have given me a lot of information and a lot to think about. I really appreciate sharing your knowledge with me. The asanas gave me relief and more space in my body and mind. Thank you for all that and especially for your great hospitality and care. Hope to come back some time soon.

Sonja - Holland - 6 day relaxed yoga retreat.


"Thank you for your encouragement, patience and sharing your knowledge over the last few days. Each class was explained in detail and many variations offered. You both spent time to work through asanas which were new or challenging - much appreciated. The intensive retreat is ideal for a beginner or advanced students. Thank you for your kind hospitality - hope to return one day. Namaste"

Patty - Melbourne - 4 day intensive yoga retreat.


"I knew I was meant to meet you both. I will go home with a lighter heart and a new understanding of yoga and of myself. Thank you so much. Ever grateful,"

Ange - Melbourne - 4 day relaxed yoga retreat.


"Wow! What a terrific week this has been for me. I came here hoping to improve my yoga skills and am leaving with much, much more.

It has been a while since I have felt like my old self - happy and easy-going. This week has reminded me who I am and want to be.

From your wonderful teaching and many life lessons, to enjoying the simple things that life has to offer. Plus it was fun. I challenged myself and reflected on so many things that are going on in my life.

A million thank yous couldn't cover how great this week was for me.

You guys rock!"

Meredith - Vietnam - 6 day intensive yoga retreat.


"I want you both to know that the retreat meant the world to me. After the retreat I felt tired and sad, calm and light at the same time, but most of all I felt safe. You guided me to find strenght. thank you so much for opening my eyes to a new side of yoga."

Jenni - Finland - 4 day relaxed yoga retreat.


"I came here to stretch and relax and I'm leaving with an entirely different outlook on life.

I did 21 classes (I feel like I should get a little badge or something?!) with Marc and Meng and they are totally incredible. The setting is perfect. They are the most amazing couple and the classes are without a doubt the most rewarding classes I have ever done. I went to stretch out and left with a completely different oulook on life. The whole experience was totally unforgettable. You are missing out if you don't get your butt there..."

Em - England - 21 classes.


"Thank you both so much for opening my eyes to yoga. I arrived having never been taught about the meaning of the yoga I have a completely new understanding. I will now try and keep yoga with me in my everyday life. thank you for introducing this to me - I will never forget my time here."

Jess - England - 20 classes.


"Thank you so much for a wonderful retreat. I have learnt so much over the past week - about myself, about yoga, the world, that I can't put it into words.

I love the way the retreat was so personalised and how you made me feel really at home. You are both very beautiful people. Very inspiring.

I will now go off and put into practice all the many things I have learnt. I will always have your words in my mind. You both have an amazing understanding of other people!"

Zoe - Singapore - 5 day intensive yoga retreat.


"Si je devais choisir un mot pour resumer cette retraite, ce serait: FORMIDABLE.

Vos enseignements m'apparaissent aujourd'hui comme les vibrations emises lorsqu'on pince les cordes d'une harpe, faisant le chemin jusqu'a la caisse de resonnanace pour s'alimenter en energie et resortir en ondes harmonieuses jusqu'a la conscience.

Merci de grand coeur a vous deux pour cet eveil au yoga et ce reveil a la vie."

Maud - France - 8 day intensive yoga retreat.


如果,让你有一个星期的假期你会到那呢? 也许,我也不想走得太远,也还没有非去不可的国度。 所以,选择的把自己撤退。。。。。 也当着是我的修行。。 从来不陌生的岛屿,而且还是同一个州属。 就是没踏上她。就借这机会。 进修瑜伽是我好想体验的课。 通过瑜伽老师,认识了这两位可爱,顽皮的老师:赖老师和白老师, 感恩他们为我安排了那么好的时间表。。 选择了进阶级的课程,呵呵呵好有挑战喔。 就只想经历不同的瑜伽课,还好赖老师都把课程安排的很好, 初级课和进级课间的穿插,让人更有信心,抱着无常的态度,接受我自己。 每个课和课间的小休,让人恢复体力, 调试得更精神。 两位老师的诚恳,幽默,智慧,包容,微笑都那么的让人欢喜。。 尝试了不同的Asana,也了解和学习瑜伽的智慧。 当心灵放松时身体这躯体能更完美的顺流, 当身体更顺流是心灵更放松和清澈。 瑜伽包含了身,心,灵的成长。让人了解无常,感恩,懂得付出。 好多好多的和智慧被启发, 如果一个Asana做得不完美,你会自责吗?还是一再的尝试,还是接受目前身体的能力,将来再尝试。 也许都有我能学习的智慧, 也学习聆听身体的声音而不随着他。 如果同一个Asana今天你能完美的呈现而昨天你是没能力完成的,你会认为今天比昨天强吗? 还是放下过去的活在当下了,活在每个呼和吸。 当你观察了你的身心灵,你会接受他吗?还是用你的判断来断定? 每一个机会,体验,经历,都会有他发生的理由。

Nyioh - Penang - 5 day intensive yoga retreat.

Graeme & Rachel

"Thank you so much for a fantastic few days! We came knowing nothing about yoga and leave inspired to keep doing yoga on a regular basis. Feeling calm, flexible and relaxed... We enjoyed the wonderful personal touches you bring to the retreat and will be recommending you to many."

Graeme & Rachel - Abu Dhabi - 4 day relaxed yoga retreat.


"Thank you from my heart for everything - for your kindness, wisdom, hospitality and generosity. I leave here a little wiser, feeling I've been on a journey of release and discovery. Happy to have met yoga again and happy that I came here and met you both and was able to be your student. I wish you all the best in your future business and personal growth."

Lis - New Zealand - 4 day relaxed yoga retreat.


ランカウイ島にある小さなヨガヨガスタジオ、今回ヨガリトリート インテンシブクラスを5日間受けましたが、とてもよかったです。まずスタジオがマレーの民家を使い6人ぐらいしか入れない少人数クラス。インストラクターはご夫婦2人が交代で行い、朝地元の新鮮なフルーツを食べた後、メディテーション、ヨガクラスが3回、ベジタリアンの昼と夜ご飯が出されます。ヨガのクラスもほぼマンツーマンのため、今まで怖くてトライ出来なかったポーズも安心してチャレンジする事が出来ました。暖かいご夫婦との会話も楽しく、ヨガとは何かなど、ジムで受けている運動だけのヨガクラスとは違った経験が出来ました。最終日は友人と2人だけだったため綺麗な白砂のビーチの上でヨガクラスを行ってくれ、ちょっとした観光にも連れて行ってくれました。チャンスがあれば是非もう一度行きたいヨガスタジオです!

Chieko - Singapore - 4 day intensive yoga retreat.


"Thank you so much for a refreshing and enlightening retreat. I came to Malaysia hoping for reflection and a challenge and I certainly got both!

Both my body and my spirit feel stronger and I will take what I have learned here back to my daily life to make it fuller and more enriched. The food was delicious, the conversation was lively and you are both a joy to be around. I wish you the best of luck and hope we will meet again."

Laura - USA - 4 day intensive yoga retreat.


"It seems like a lifetime ago that chance / karma ( whatever you want to call it ) brought me to your yoga class. What a difference 8 days can make, eh? Looking back I realize how exhausted I was both physically and mentally.

I take from this retreat more than new muscles, flexibility and a straighter back! I no longer feel like I am wandering lost through life. The wisdom you both have shared with me has impacted me more than my 4 months of travelling combined. So that the highlight of my trip is not the partying on Khao San Road, the sunrise over Angkor Wat, or the elephant riding in Chiang Mai - it's the last week spent here, sweating and gaining a transformed perspective on life.

Thank you for all your care, support, and kindness. From the chanting to the food to the philosophy - I loved every moment. Namaste!"

Tamara - Canada - 8 day intensive yoga retreat.


"I knew as soon as I saw your website that yours was the right retreat for me.

It just felt right from the first day. Meng Foong thank you for all the discussions and helping me to work on myself. Marc, thank you for your support and all the meditation we've done. I know I am taking so many learnings from both of you. I hope to see you both sometime in Melbourne."

Theresa - Melbourne - 5 day relaxed yoga retreat.


"Thank you for teaching me so much about yoga - the body, the mind, the philosophy - it all gives me so much. And thank you for your patience with me when I was learning to do headstand. I feel so happy. The best wishes to you."

Jane - Denmark


"Now sitting in front of my laptop I feel I still can hear you say "stretch, stretch....and relax...." :) I really had a great time in Langkawi - probably the best time in my life.

It was a dream come true - my ideal lifestyle - daily yoga practice, simple nutritious vegetarian food... the warm sunny weather, clear sky, fresh air, wooden house, green plants, refresh natural environment (the beach, mountain, waterfall....)..... I just want this dream to last for the rest of my life. Wonderful teachers! Great retreat! What I learned on this 10 day retreat will benefit me for the rest of my life."

Jane - Guangzhou - 10 day intensive yoga retreat.


"I completed the relaxed retreat in Langkawi with Marc and Meng Foong and had a truly amazing experience. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to get away from it all and take time to reflect on life and yourself.

Marc and Meng run their Yoga Now business and retreats very well and tailor it to the individual. They were very professional in their practice and everything to do with the business, including setup with their website and payment system which I found to be very user friendly. I would definitely do this again in future."

Jacinda - Perth - 4 day relaxed yoga retreat


"I'm very glad I saw the Yoga Now sign and took the 10 minute walk! Although I have done yoga before I learned more from just two classes here - it was wonderful. Thank you."

Gillian - England


"Thank you both for sharing your practice and teaching. I am on a journey of exploration and learning. You were very fortuitously on my path. Although I am compelled on by my obligations I would love to come back and spend more time learning to breathe, focus and stretch myself. Namaste."

Davis - California

"While listening to the words of Meng Foong while she's teaching, what else can I do than realize how special the yoga retreat has been for me.

Even though I had a little experience with yoga-exercises I knew hardly anything about yoga philosophy. It was very interesting and rewarding to be taught about the world behind the exercises.

The Intensive Yoga Retreat was challenging, physically and mentally, but I know "the benefits will come naturally".

It definitely was one of the most inspiring experiences in my short life so far. Thank you.

Meng Foong, thanks for the headstands. Marc, bedankt voor de 'silly class' it was a whole lot of fun. Ik zal mezelf niet meer serieus nemen!"

Anne - the Netherlands - 4 days intensive yoga retreat


"Thanks a lot for these four days. It was a very good experience, hopefully a start of a new practice. I would recommend it to anybody!"

Kaisa - Finland - 4 day relaxed yoga retreat


"Thanks a lot for teaching me a bit more about yoga. I enjoyed every single class with you as well as the warm and welcoming atmosphere at your yoga studio."

Katherina - Austria


"Thank you for such a wonderful yoga class in such beautiful surroundings."

Alexa - Melbourne


"Marc and Meng Foong, thank you for opening my mind and body to yoga! I have done a little yoga over the years but never have I experienced such an amazing feeling. Your inspirational words took me away each morning to an amazing place, I could listen to them everyday and never tired. Hopefully I can take a part of that within me.

The yoga practice has stretched every part of my body into pure relaxation. I only hope everyone gets to experience yoga and meditation with you both once in their lives.

I look forward to returning to your little place of paradise in Langkawi."

Samantha - Sydney - 4 day relaxed yoga retreat


"It was wonderful to meet you both and experience your teaching. I didn't know anything about yoga before and now I want to learn more. Thanks for everything."

Andy - Beijing


"I arrived in Langkawi in December expecting a rather hellish week. I was not visiting the touristy island to enjoy the beaches and sunny weather. I was there to complete a long list of major projects on our sailing vessel ‘Discovery’ which was on the hard at a local facility. I would consider myself a life-long sport enthusiast and in very good physical condition and have enjoyed yoga intensely though sporadically for years. My sister is a yoga instructor in Seattle, Washington. When I saw the Yoga Now sign in Cenang I knew I should force myself to go to the class. Spending a bit of time each day working on breathing and quieting my mind would really help me get through the busy week.

But what I found at Yoga Now was a lot more than breathing, a lot more than quieting the mind. My instructor, Meng Foong met me smiling at she and her husband’s (Marc, who is also a Yoga instructor) simple yet elegant and comfortable house. I would be the only student. The signboard announcing the daily classes from 9-11 am and from 4-6 pm I learned that first day were guidelines only. Our class lasted nearly 3 and a half hours. And every minute of it was pure bliss. By the end of the class I was both exhausted and exhilarated. My mind rejuvenated and as calm as a Japanese garden. My yoga practice has always leaned towards the ‘power yoga’ end. Meng Foong’s was a more complete mix of spirituality, meditation, and incredibly physical yoga that was tied together in perfect harmony. Her voice seemed like a bird’s singsong, her confidence extended far beyond her physical body and encompassed not just me but what felt like the entire community. Simply put, Meng Foong’s presence is powerful, like a practiced and skilled yoga position that only the strongest Yogi’s can master.

At the end of the class I immediately signed up for her discounted 5 session package and considered it incredible value. I had Meng Foong to myself for every one of the classes, all of which lasted over 3 hours, which she granted graciously. For some this may sound like an investment in time that you cannot afford. I promise you not only can, but you should. Meng Foong’s confidence, kindness, ability, and love of yoga will grab you like the wind on a hot summer’s day. Comforting and inescapable. Your body and mind will thank you and you will find yourself growing as a person more and more after each class. After each session I found myself starving for clean water and only the best vegetarian food. My mind would be at peace for the remainder of the day, no matter the endless hassles of work would present. At night I slept like a baby, something I haven’t experienced in years. In just those 5 classes I was able to get into positions I didn’t even knew existed. I’d leave in a ball of sweat with a smile no one could erase.

If you are passing through Langkawi, or if you will even be passing through Malaysia, do not miss the best offering on the island. There is nothing you can take away from your travels that bests even one session at Yoga Now."

Gavin - Sailing on life's ocean


"Even though I was in Langkawi for only a short while I really enjoyed my afternoon yoga classes in your lovely yoga studio. It's only the second time I practiced yoga for more than one time a week ;) I really want to continue practicing yoga. I think your classes helped me to improve on my asanas. First this Vatha-Pitta girl needs to calm down more and concentrate on the breathing. Best regards."

Arlene - the Netherlands


"I am a person who has never been comfortable or confident with my body,which seems to stubbornly refuse to stretch, balance and be strong. In other words I am not a likely candidate for yoga. However, from time to time I have tried yoga to improve my body and mind. Usually this has ended in me feeling overwhelmed by a sense of failure, of being the worst in the class, of not being able to "do yoga" at all.

A few weeks ago I decided to try again at Yoga Now's retreat at Langkawi. I found the retreat to be a completely different experience to what I'd had before. There was lots of focus on mediation and the mind, I was able to go at my own pace and importantly, the principles of yoga were discussed at length. The key thing for me was the way Meng Foong and Marc taught me to accept my body, with its strengths and weaknesses, and affirmed for me that I was "doing yoga" after all. While at the end of the retreat I wasn't yet able to balance on one foot perfectly or touch my toes (that would have required a miracle!) in those few days I made significant psychological - much needed inner quiet and self acceptance - as well as physical gains. I highly recommend yoga now, whether you are extremely skilled at yoga or are the opposite like me."

Kirrallee - Australia - 4 day relaxed yoga retreat


"From the moment Marc and Meng Foong picked me up from the airport they made me feel welcome. As with anything new I was a bit anxious at first as I didn't know what to expect, but from the first class I felt at ease as they made me realize that during the practice I would be encouraged to take my practice as far as I could.

I had never really done any meditation before the retreat, but now that I've been introduced to it by Marc it's something I want to explore in more detail and I've made a commitment to myself to do a few minutes every day. Thanks to Marc I now also have a interest in exploring chanting too - there is something very soothing about repeating those words over and over.

This retreat has reaffirmed for me that I love doing yoga. Before the retreat if someone asked me about my practice I would have said that I enjoyed doing yoga but I wasn't "very good," but Meng Foong has shown me that it's not about being good or bad, it's all about being in each pose in that particular moment, concentrating and trying your best. Once we let go of our fears we can achieve anything - this is something I have to work on, but at least now I recognise that fact I can make some steps to overcome mine.

As well as the classes I thoroughly enjoyed the chats over tea and dinner. Marc is a great cook and the food was YUMMY! Finishing the retreat at the waterfall was great - monkeys and all.

I would recommend doing a retreat, or even just one class, with this lovely friendly couple for whom teaching yoga isn't a job, it's a way of life! Whether you spend four days or just 2 hours with them you are bound to go away from the experience taking away something positive."

Brenda - Ireland - 4 day Sunset Valley intensive retreat


"I am very happy to have found your yoga class here in Langkawi. Thank you for all the work you have done here - it's really a great gift."

Sean - San Francisco


"You brought me one of the best times on Langkawi island. You were the unexpected stop, but a very pleasant one. Hope to see you again someday, somewhere to share yoga and life again."

Vincent - Shanghai


"Thank you for posting that little blue roadpost that led me to your yoga class. These two hours a day have been by far the most rewarding things I've done while on my stay in Langkawi! It was a pleasure to be taught by you both."

David - New York

 Pete & Elissa

"Thank you for reintroducing Pete and I to yoga. Your enthusiasm and knowledge for the discipline has inspired us both to continue with the practice in the future."

Elissa and Peter - Melbourne, Australia

Marco & Lydia

"Upon my return to HK, my friends asked me how was our yoga retreat in Langkawi ? It is so strange an expressive person like me found myself stuck with words. I always said it was beyond words and dumped some photo and video in our company server so our colleagues can have a look. Their response? Amazed and jealous.

I'm still overwhelmed with the trip, your passion and hospitality, scenery, morning smell at Sunset Valley, waterfalls: sounds from the waterfall, the walk, food, me & Marco hiding in the water curtain, and Meng Foong's moves...and the cable car ride? I'm so glad we went up - the air was so fresh!

I was expecting it is a yoga retreat so there will be yoga classes and meditation, get up early and eat healthy, getaway from our busy city life. It turned out to be all of the above and much much more, in a spiritual way. I forgot about "myself" hiding in the waterfalls, nothing matters anymore, sound of the universe is right there; of course the snacks did some tricks to recharge my body after I cleansed my soul. You two have taken good care of us, good planning of activities. Waking up every morning seeing the moon still in the sky, birds hovering on the paddy fields... these are beyond words. Now I close my eyes, I can see them vividly, with colours. Waterfalls, it made a huge difference, make sure you include it every time, I'm sure you won't be bored by them.

You people are fun to play with and easy to learn with. I'm still amazed that Marco did kakasana and headstand like he's been practising for a while, and I'm the one who goes to yoga class every Sunday!

Seriously I'm thankful to you guys for bringing such a memorable trip to me. And I'm happy Marco has made a lifetime change - decided to do yoga to correct his spinal posture, thanks Marc & Meng Foong!

I shall not forget I'm a learner everyday, wish you two enjoy every moment in life."

Marco & Lydia - Hong Kong - 4 day Sunset Valley relaxed retreat


"I met Marc and Meng Foong on a Vipassana meditation course a few months back. 'Coincidentally' I met them again in Langkawi and joined a yoga class. Meng Foong helped me in a very natural, loving, calming way to experience yoga, repeating where to focus on and how to stay relaxed so I can do the exercises without judging, stressing or evaluating. In just a few hours I experienced something so valuable and felt comfortable with these two nice, warm and interesting people. It's nice to meet people who share. Thank you for your joy and sharing."

Yuna - The Netherlands


"Thank you so much for giving me my first yoga class. I am looking forward to do a yoga session with both of you again, maybe in Malaysia, maybe in India, maybe somewhere in Europe....Best wishes."

Heiner - Cologne, Germany


"I got so much from the four classes I had with Marc and Meng Foong. It really helped my thinking as I begin my travels during a period of new opportunities for me. A lovely mellow environment, perfect for yoga. Thanks a lot to both of you and I know you'll continue to help a lot of people here on Langkawi in the future. Loved the waterfall trip too."

Andy - Social Worker - UK

Pete and Michelle

"My wife, Michelle and I were traveling in Malaysia and attended Marc and Meng Foongʼs Cameron Highlands Yoga Retreat. The experience was nothing short of outstanding. Meng Foong and Marc are both extremely well versed yoga teachers with a wonderful mix of compassion, flexibility, humor, passion and patience. The retreatʼs format allows for plentiful practice, relaxation and exploration of the beautiful countryside. We would both enthusiastically recommend this retreat to anyone, regardless of your yoga experience, looking to deepen their yoga practice in a focused and supportive environment."

Pete and Michelle - USA - 4 day Cameron Highlands relaxed yoga retreat

Shinny & Alice

"We are very happy to have met both of you. We really learned a lot about yoga during our four days three nights yoga retreat, not just about asana but also the reflective and philosophical side of yoga. Yoga is not just about being healthy and strong, but teaches people how to relax and find our paths in life and gives us more courage to face the challenges of life. Thank you both very much and hopefully we will meet again. We will always remember your teaching in our hearts."

Shinny and Alice – Yoga Teachers - Malaysia


"I started learning yoga from Meng Foong almost two years ago. The day I go to yoga class is my favourite day of the week. When I arrive at the class I feel like I am carrying a heavy backpack, but when I leave it feels as if the bag is empty and light. I could never imagine learning yoga anywhere else than with Yoga Now."

Vivian - conference executive


"I have been practicing yoga with Meng Foong for more than one and a half years. I used to be quite a nervous person. Now thanks to my regular yoga practice I am much calmer and serene. I used to have a bad back, now it has improved a lot."

Esther - laundry owner


"Since I started learning yoga I have become a happier and more open person. I find myself more capable of dealing with stress and I have learned how to let go of things more easily."

Anna - sales operator


"I am a happier person since I started practicing yoga with Meng Foong more than two years ago. I have had big improvements in my flexibility, but as well as the physical changes I have changed as a person. I am a lot calmer than before and my husband and son have noticed the positive changes in me. As well as attending class regularly I practice on my own at home at least two or three times a week. I would recommend yoga to anyone."

Laybee - account executive

Adeline and Benjamin

"We have benefited greatly from the yoga classes that we have taken from you in terms of improving my emotional stability and health.

My blood pressure has significantly reduced and coming down to a normal level - Adeline

Great workout but not exhausting. It makes me feel happy and relaxed at the workout - Benjamin

Thanks again for your help and I would recommend your class to anyone who is interested in improving their fitness, flexibility and overall health."

Adeline and Benjamin

Lih Yun & Wai Kha

"Yoga provides me strength and confidence to overcome daily challenges. After joining this yoga classes, I then only realize there are more to explore and treasure in life. Thanks to Marc and Meng Foong, you have taught me a lot. Kha and I have benefited from both of you."

Lih Yun - Lecturer & Yoga Teacher - & Wai Kha - Engineer

Words cannot convey the value of yoga - it has to be experienced.

- BKS Iyengar