Yoga Practice Outline

THIS IS A BASIC OUTLINE FOR A MODERATE HATHA YOGA CLASS. (please note -not all poses mentioned have images attached yet.)

Start by relaxing in savasana

Let go of any thoughts of the past or the future and focus the awareness on the breath.

After a few minutes relaxation sit in a comfortable cross-legged position for Pranayama

3 rounds of kapalabhati (with or without retention)
6 - 12 rounds of alternate nostril breathing (anuloma viloma) inhale on the count of 4 retain the breath for 16 and exhale 8

Sit quietly and observe the breath then lie down and relax once again in savasana

Sit up again and practice head and neck exercises (moving the head up and down, turning left to right, leaning left to right and finally making slow circles with the head and neck. Coordinate all movements with the breath - as a general rule inhaling up and exhaling down.

and / or

eye exercises (eyes up & down, left & right, diagonals and circles in both directions. Pause between each different movement, covering the closed eyes with the palms of the hands

Relax in savasana

Surya namaskar (sun salutation) 6 - 12 rounds (left and right is one round)

Relax in savasana and observe sensations in the body

Standing asanas


Wrist exercises

Forward bending


Relax in Savasana

Lying down/sitting asanas

Single and double leg raises

Shoulderstand - sarvangasan

Plough - halasan

Fish - Matsyasan

Bridge - setubandhasan

Butterfly - konasan

Sitting forward bend - paschimottanasan>

Half spinal twist - ardhamatsyendrasan

Backbending asanas

Cobra - bhujangasan (arms bent)

>Basic locust - salabhasan

half bow - dhanurasan

Cat stretch (with optional twist)

Relax in Child's pose - balasan

Cowface pose - gohmukhasan

Balancing asanas
Tree pose - vrikchasan




Allow as much time as possible for your final relaxation.

Work with the slow rotation of consciousness through the body parts, auto-suggesting a deep relaxation for every single part of the body.

Download or listen to a podcast of a guided relaxation by clicking on the image below.

guided relaxation podcast

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